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Take the design as an interest and work as a hobby. First do what you have to do , do what you want to do, so keep going. Also I think the design is not blind. Each detail in the design has its role and origin. The design is not to make the effect of how dazzling, eye-catching.But in full compliance with the functional, practical premise of the aesthetic effect.

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Design is not a skill.but a sense and insight that captures the essence of things. Everyone can be a designer. Because you can design not only the general sense of "design", and your life.

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I hope to try different styles of design, as a challenge to their own professional. Personally, I do not have a particularly strong appeal of style, there is no genre.I feel ready to accept new ideas, hope to pursue more breakthroughs to try new design, is my expectations.

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? Classic - Case


Colorful home life is not just a show of personal status, but also the taste of home decoration interpretation. In this cold day, let us taste the charm of spring home.
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Different people like different home styles.


Aesthetic flooring carries cultural home